Photo: Erica Ferraroni

Erica Ferraroni is an Italian photographer and graphic designer. She studied photography both digital and analog in various schools in Italy and the US, like the prestigious Istituto Marangoni in Florence. She is also an expert retoucher and stylist.

Her work with food is beautiful and full of contrast. Her images are dark and moody but full of life and colorful ingredients. She also creates images with people to give emphasis to the product or the dish resulting in exquisite works of art.

Erica lives and creates by her mantra: the famous Leonardo da Vinci quote: “Simplicity is the Ultimate sophistication”. She strives to reflect this ideal in all her work.

“Minimalism and introspection are the key-words to deliver a unique and innovative vision. I try to communicate my international experience as a photographer and graphic designer with a deep knowledge of art, food styling and love for beauty.”


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